The Book Review

I’ve been studying writing for the last four years at Susquehanna and in that time I am just now encountering the world of book reviewing.  There are rules, regulations, standards of literacy which accompany all of these genres and I thought I had it down, at least in terms of the basics.  Poetry is the […]

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Red Inc. Going Live (Again) in 4 Days

So we’ve been gone for a little while, but for those of you keeping track this is still the literary voice of Susquehanna University on the web. In the next fifteen weeks you’ll hear new voices—analytical, opinionated, affectionate, irritated—all students in the Department of English and Creative Writing and all with something to say about […]

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Red Inc. Going Live in 5 Days

  It’s true.  Any and all Susquehanna students willing to create a WordPress account and agree to the Blog Style Standards (forthcoming from Madeline and I) will be able and are strongly encouraged to submit to Red Inc. All those thoughts you’ve been holding back on the novel you’re reading for class? They’ve finally found a home. Your […]

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