Your Book Isn’t a Vampire Let The Dead Stay Dead

Ten years ago the Twilight Saga began and I must be honest I have read the series. My excuse I was twelve when I read it so my young mind did not understand why this book was not very good. Now that I am older I realize “wow this book is just not good.” For the ten year anniversary Stephenie Meyer, the author of the “Twilight Series”, decided to release a new novel called “Life and Death.” I at first thought this new book would have nothing to do with “Twilight” because the saga was finished and all movies were done being adapted. I have not read the book, I read articles about “Life and Death” and what it is actually about and I can only describe it as pure laziness. Now I have not read the book because my body will not physically and mentally be able to handle another “Twilight” theme book. But from what I am reading it seems that she took “Twilight” and just gender swapped the characters of the book. She literally re-released the same book with no changes other than the genders. Edward was now Edythe and Bella was now Beau. I’m not gonna even continue on about how “beau” literally means boyfriend. Now I just do not understand how Stephenie meyer can even let this book go on into her legacy. This book just seems like a desperate attempt to stay on the author radar. Like shouting “hey I wrote Twilight remember!” Furthermore it seems like an attempt to just milk the same series for money. If this does well enough to earn a movie adaption I’d have to question the movie industry. Life and Death from what I hear seems to be a messed fan fiction written by a teen girl. If I was an acclaimed author and I published something like this I would be embarrassed. This sounds harsh but it is the truth. I have respect for Stephanie Meyer she wrote a series she is proud of. It did well even with the amount of people who hated the book, like me. After you end a series that is the time you take to take on something new. Grow from your experience as an author and she did. She wrote “The Host”. It didn’t get good ratings as a novel. But it did get a movie adaption which also did not do good either. She “failed” on her new series so to speak. So what did she do she reverted back to Twilight her so called “safety net”. Which is something an author should never do. Never revert back to your old ways. Authors grow and learn new tricks but if Stephanie only knows one trick, “Twilight”, why are we encouraging her to stick with it. She needs to move on and find her own path and leave this already done series closed forever locked it in a vault like disney does with their movies. “Life and Death” should not have happened it was a waste of ink and paper. Again I have not read the book and I don’t plan to. The reason I will not give this book a shot is because the thought of the same book being repeated just infuriates me. It’s like plagiarism on herself. she should be upset with what she has done to a previous series that got good reviews all around as a book and movie. Let the dead stay dead because when you bring them back to life they aren’t the same.


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