What are the reasons why I love watt pad ?

In 2006, Allen Lau and Ivan Yuen founded a network called Watt pad in Toronto,Canada. Watt pad is a writing community in which users are able to post articles, stories, fan fictions and poems, either online or through the mobile app. This gives people the chance to have their creative writings available to a wider audience. Like myself, I use the mobile app because i like to read and write on the go. Watt pad includes works by primarily young teens that are undiscovered writers, Published writers and new writers; they are all being given an equal chance to write popular works. For example, I actually have my poetry book published on watt pad and i’m currently working on a non-fiction novel that is expected to come out in the summer of 2016. All users are able to comment and like stories or join social groups within the website. Although most people are from the U.S. other users come from all over the world such as the UK, Canada, the Philippines, Australia, United Arab Emirates and other countries.

Reasons why I love Watt Pad

  • Watt Pad has all different genres that you can write about or even read about it’s not only focused on just one thing it has a variety. Such as teen fiction, mystery, romance, fan fiction and poetry etc…
  • After you have read certain books on Watt Pad they sometimes leave you recommendations on the side based on the books that you have read
  • Watt Pad stories are a progression. It gives writers the opportunity to get feedback and input on their stories from the readers.
  • There is even such a thing as #WattyAwards it’s a contest that happens every year that gives people the chance to submit their stories for awards. The winner can get money, scholarships and sometimes it even goes up to getting their story published.
  • In fact just this year watt pad came out with another app called “After Dark”. The main audience is for teens the age of 17 and older and it focuses on the genre of romance.
  • On watt pad there are over 100,000 story uploads per day, and there are over 2 million writers.

      Watt pad is not just any silly book website it’s so engaging and inspiring to see so many young talented gifted writers. It gives people a way to express themselves in a way to express themselves in away that you can’t get from just reading a book. Many people do prefer to read rather than write however; it’s great to just have the choice to be free if you wanted to be. Unlike other traditional books and sites, Watt pad gives users the sense of unity and you get to see the works of people around your age and it makes you feel accomplished. If they can do it so can I.

      I don’t know about anyone else but i love watt pad because it relates to me. The topics in which they write about are so deep and most people have gone through it. The stories that they write about are so personal such as, Heartbreak, Losing a parent, and first love. It’s so beautifully written and it could connect to your life in many different ways. If your having a rough day you can read a watt pad book and instantly feel better, it even amazes me how intrigued i am after simply reading a chapter. Watt pad made me fall in love with books. I always liked books but watt pad gave me a love for it. I read all the time not just for fun but because i’m generally interested in it. Watt pad is a great website and for anyone that loves to read and write i definitely would recommend that you check it out.

    Watt pad gives you a feeling of satisfaction after reading. I know some people will read this and say “Yeah whatever i don’t like books and i will never like books” or “I already read books”. However, All I’m asking you to do is to just open yourself up to new genres and new possibilities, you never know you might be surprised, I know i was. When I first discovered watt pad i wasn’t very open to change, either i just read teen fiction or romance novels. Watt pad changed me, it helped me broaden my horizons to something new that i thought i wouldn’t like but i tried it anyways and ended up loving it. Wattled isn’t just a website with a bunch of people who write, We are a united family that love and support each other. I know that watt pad isn’t for everyone i’m just asking people to give it a chance, It helped me a whole lot let it help you.


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