The Art of Reading

So you want to read a book? I’m sure that whether you are an adamant reader or just getting into the expanding e-book craze, you will find this article eye opening.

One must have a great sense of courage when embarking on a new book. We must fully prepare ourselves for the pain, the anger, the suspense, and the tears of joy. Never knowing exactly what to expect I always find myself at the beginning, staring down at the first page. At this stage the mind isn’t ready yet, it’s still digesting the scent of the crisp pages, running freely over the dark words without comprehension. In a movie adaptation this would be the period just after the previews, just after we are reminded of the producers, just before the first actors’ name pops up on the screen. Let us take the plunge.

The best stories are ones that make you feel something, anything. It could be hate, love, or even discomfort. Sinking into a book by John Green would make any teenage girl yell out with joy while simultaneously wishing for a character that resembles the one in the story. On the other hand there will always be the lovers of magic, in which case Harry Potter is for you. All you need to know about a book can be found in the first pages, if you know where to look. Analyze the characters, their speech, where the story is taking place.

I like to imagine myself in these books, as I assume many people do. I laugh along with the characters or maybe weep until their efforts are trumped, and I’m yanked from their world by the abrupt slam of a hardcover falling flat. My fingers laced with the never mentioned “the end”, and I remember where I am.

So you see, if you insist on reading a book tell your mind to prepare. Tell your mind that it absolutely cannot fall in love with ever character, that it cannot hang on the edge of every period, and that if wants you to continue turning the pages, tears cannot escape your eyes. I will You’ve been warned, happy reading.


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