The Fanfiction Checklist

I am one of those people. One of the ones you see online changing something that is already out there.  Plagiarism some call it, others, like me or just appreciators, call it literature.  I prefer the latter, naturally.  I am a fanfiction writer, I have several stories amongst the millions on It’s not plagiarism […]

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Do You Like Reading?

“Elephants do not become big by reading” is a loosely translated version of a phrase that I often heard as a child. At the time, I didn’t understand why people read. But they didn’t just read. They showed emotions as they read. They cried, laughed out loud, yelled, gasped, etc. But as I grew up, […]

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The Art of Reading

So you want to read a book? I’m sure that whether you are an adamant reader or just getting into the expanding e-book craze, you will find this article eye opening. One must have a great sense of courage when embarking on a new book. We must fully prepare ourselves for the pain, the anger, […]

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Deconstructive Criticism

My favorite phenomena with stories these days, is that there’s almost a guarantee there’s fanfiction of it somewhere on the internet. Fanfiction (in case you might be in the small percentage of people who don’t know what that is) is when you write a story, which is based on an already existing story by a […]

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The Feeling Left Behind

This post may contain spoilers about the Hunger Games   Reading has been a big part of my life since my freshman year of high school.  Before this time of my life, I absolutely hated reading for a reason that I can not remember now.  Whatever it was, I felt strongly enough about it that I was […]

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