Social Media and Book Publishing

It is not surprising to find out how important social media is for publishers.  Thousands of books are published every year and you have to get noticed some how.  Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Websites, and even Pinterest are harnessed to gain readers interest and keep it.  These sites are used to not only publicize a book, […]

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Listing Lists

What’s the deal with lists? As someone who’s never been particularly drawn to list-making as a form of organization or maintaining sanity and as a victim of severe indecisiveness, I’ve never seen the appeal. I understand their value in organization, especially when one is faced with a large amount of requests, jobs, chores, and assignments. […]

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What is a Writer?

I am a writer. What sorts of things do I write, you wonder? Essays, mostly, but poetry, the occasional short story or blog post, fantasy and fanfiction are in the mix as well. Yes, I did indeed put fanfiction in that mix. “How unoriginal,” you might think, putting your nose up in the air. You […]

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Do you want popcorn with your book?

Publishers are always on the lookout for ways to advertise their products.  Now they have come up with a new marketing ploy, one which has met with some resistance. Meet the book trailer.  Stealing from the film industry, companies like Random House and HarperCollins now have entire YouTube channels devoted to short video clips advertising […]

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Genre Fiction vs Literary Fiction

When I tell someone that my major is Creative Writing, I usually get judged. Sometimes, it’s positive curiosity about how long I will wait before trying to publish my first novel. But a lot of the time, it’s negative. In my experience, a large part of this negative attention comes from how the major as […]

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