Celebrity Authors- Who Writes the Best?

            Recently, Publishers Weekly came out with an article on celebrity authors. Andy Butcher, author of the article “The Promise and Pitfalls of Celebrity Book,” explains that celebrity authors bring a large fan base and an opportunity for great success. But what happens when these celebrity books fail? This is the financial bet that publishers take. To avoid a financial disaster, publishers need to invest in celebrity books that will be a great success. How can publishers determine which celebrities will bring the most success? Butcher briefly talks about athletes in the article and states that athlete authors bring this great success. Not only are their stories interesting, but they’re also inspiring to all readers, even ones who are not interested in sports.

            I am not a big fan of celebrity authors; they should stick to what they are good at (singing, acting, being famous for the wrong reasons, etc). Leave the writing to the writers and do what you are famous for. Unless you’re Snooki from the Jersey Shore; she needs to drop writing and everything else she does. Although I am not a big fan of celebrity writers, I do agree with Butcher that athletes do a great job with releasing books.

            Out of the Blue, written by NFL all-star Victor Cruz, is an autobiography about Cruz’s journey to becoming a Super Bowl winning wide receiver. I may be a little biased because I am a crazy New York Giants fan and scream “CRRUUUZZZZ” at the top of my lungs every Sunday, but this is one of the most influential books I have ever read. Victor Cruz wrote his autobiography with a purpose; he isn’t just bragging about his success, he is breaking the barrier between his fame and the common lives his fans live.

Cruz speaks to a large audience including athletes, young and old, who dream to make it big one day. His main message is that even those who go unnoticed for most of their lives can still achieve greatness. Unlike me and other avid sports fans, some people do not watch ESPN daily or wait to scan the next issue of Sports Illustrated. I first heard Cruz’s story from ESPN, and when I found out he was writing a book about it I couldn’t be happier. If Cruz did not write this the only people who would know about his story would be sports enthusiasts like me.

Victor Cruz grew up in Paterson, New Jersey with not a lot of hope to attend college. He went to the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, where he played on their varsity football team. Although it is at the Division I level, the University of Massachusetts football team is Division I AA, a division that barely gets looked at for the NFL. Cruz gets his title, Out of the Blue, from where he came, literally out of nowhere. He didn’t play until his junior year. He was not drafted and no one knew him, but he managed to stand out at the New York Giants tryouts and make a name for himself. Making the team in 2010, Cruz led the Giants to a Super Bowl victory in 2011. Cruz broke through all the disbelief others had about him to become successful.

What makes this story so inspiring is Cruz’s will to win. He struggled with the deaths of family and friends, with rejection, and with disappointment. Cruz overcame these challenges and pursued his dream of being in the NFL.

Celebrity authors like Victor Cruz are who publishers should be investing their time and money in. Cruz personalizes his story and makes readers feel as if they are right there with him as he tells it. His message is one that not just athletes can look up to. Everyone goes through various battles on the road to achieving their dreams; Cruz proves these battles can be won.

—Katelyn Brower


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