Is Networking Essential?

During my senior year of college, I read Marshall Lee’s Bookmaking: Editing, Design, and Production, a truly comprehensive guide to the way books are made, who should edit them, and the way that they are sold – advertising, overall interest, book reviews, and the like. The professor who assigned it took the whopping 494 page […]

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Selling Out to Globalization

On Wednesday Jonathan Taylor, Chair of the Booker Prize Foundation, made an announcement that rocked the literary world and continues to make waves on both sides of the Atlantic.  Starting in 2014, the Man Booker Prize will “expand eligibility for future prizes to include novels originally written in English and published in the UK, regardless […]

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Seamus Heaney

This past summer I attended Susquehanna’s annual trip to Northern Ireland. One of my first memories of this trip was admitting on my application that I knew nothing about the culture of Northern Ireland. I had noticed some undertones of that culture in the works by James Joyce that I had read for my fiction […]

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Celebrity Authors- Who Writes the Best?

            Recently, Publishers Weekly came out with an article on celebrity authors. Andy Butcher, author of the article “The Promise and Pitfalls of Celebrity Book,” explains that celebrity authors bring a large fan base and an opportunity for great success. But what happens when these celebrity books fail? This is the financial bet that publishers […]

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