The Literary Magazine

Last week, I drove to an Undergraduate College Literary Magazine in Danville, IL with seven other Creative Writing majors.  It was a conference featuring seven universities between Pennsylvania and Illinois and panels focused on various aspects of running an undergraduate magazine.  Preparing for the conference, I thought about how there is constant talk about how […]

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Can Music Encourage Literacy?

Philadelphia six-piece The Wonder Years released their follow up to their second studio album, The Upsides, over the summer.  Suburbia I’ve Given You All and Now I’m Nothing has been said to be a “refreshingly honest and raw look into the lives of the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania band,” yet inspiration for this album extends far beyond […]

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Let’s talk about poetry

I’ve recently started to consider how absent poetry feels in the world of literary criticism.  There’s such a high volume of poetry being published, but so much of it never gets reviewed, and when it is the reviewer isn’t skilled enough to make a judgment other than a positive one.  I’m not sure why this […]

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