An Excercise of the Imagination

My friend Sean and I have always had a pretty good relationship because our interests overlap.  As a lover of anything Marilyn Monroe related, he spends a lot of his time looking up and collecting her photographs.  As a lover of photography, I frequently challenge myself to find more obscure photographs of Monroe that haven’t […]

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I was once asked to make a list of my favorite films, year by year, from the year I was born (1990) until the present. One film a year was permitted and I was required to write a brief explanation as to why that film remained significant for me. I’ve made no secret of my […]

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The Book Review

I’ve been studying writing for the last four years at Susquehanna and in that time I am just now encountering the world of book reviewing.  There are rules, regulations, standards of literacy which accompany all of these genres and I thought I had it down, at least in terms of the basics.  Poetry is the […]

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Publish or Perish

All this talk about the future of the publishing industry brings forth some very important questions. How will the publishing companies make money? Are printed books really a thing of the past? What will become of the publishers and editors who make up the industry? Though answers to these questions can’t be known, it’s certain […]

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