Red, Inc. Redux

To our readers,

I am proud to announce the re-birth of Red, Inc., the Susquehanna University literary blog many of you didn’t even know we had. To those of you who have followed us faithfully over the years (we actually had 2 readers last week on a year-old blog) we thank you and hope you will continue to follow us into our promising new incarnation. And to those of you who have never read us before, we hope you will give us a look, maybe find something promising, something thought-provoking that makes you think and makes you feel.  We are here to provoke and inform and capture the here-and-now of the literary and art world. Love what you read? Let us know! Hate what you read? Let us know!

We will begin posting new blogs within the week. You will notice that our blogs are diverse in nature and subject. To Susquehanna Students who have something to say about the literary world—about a book you may have loved or hated or found to be blown way out of proportion by critics or the media, or perhaps a trend you have noticed that really pushes your buttons, or an author you think may have flown under the radar for too long or who has fallen from the public eye either fairly or unfairly—feel free to submit potential blogs to us. We will take a look at them and see if your blog fits what we are looking for. You can send blogs to

To book lovers, blog lovers, avid online readers and anyone who happens to find us by way of random google clicking, we thank you for checking us out. This blog is gonna rock, believe you me. Tell all your friends to check us out so you can say, “Yeah, I read Red, Inc. before it was cool.” You know you want to, you trendy hipsters students, you.

We hope you will tune in regularly to see what’s new and exciting on Red, Inc. (Which is basically everything because we are always exciting).

Greg Cwik, Editor


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