Please Go Back to Hollywood

I went to the mall after Thanksgiving to check out the frenzy that is Black Friday and perhaps to find some good deals, since this college student’s pockets aren’t exactly deep. Let’s just say that after two hours of shouldering my way through store after store, experiencing concert-level mosh pits in cashier lines, and generally […]

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As students in an English class, we have all learned the basics about literature.  I would go as far as to say they are engraved in our mind.  We cannot escape them.  Literary terms and devices chase us down the street.  Symbolism beats us, showing no mercy.  To look at a piece of literature through […]

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Vintage Books

While there has been a lot of debate about how e-books will change the world and literature as we know it, I have to admit I’m still stuck in the past about books. And I’m not even talking about paper vs. electronic, I’m talking about current book publications vs. vintage publications. As someone who frequents […]

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Cosmos, Oprah, and Books

My mother has been in a book club for over two years now.  Once a month on Friday evenings they meet in the clubhouse in our development, drink wine, eat food, and possibly talk about a book.  Book clubs were all the rage for a while, partly due to Oprah’s influence.  Books were printed with […]

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Writing for the sake of writing?

If you are/were a student in any sense of the word, there is no doubt you will remember this scene: the clock has reached the single digits of the early morning hours, a mug filled with coffee (or poison of choice) on the desk—no doubt the fourth installment of this liquid—eyes hesitant to blink for […]

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