Balancing Act

Over the summer, I went to Barnes and Noble.  After searching for memoirs and/or collections of personal essays in the ‘Essay’ section (logical, right?) and came up with nothing, I decided to look elsewhere.  Maybe, I was thinking, the world finally woke up and decided to give Creative Nonfiction its own section in the bookstore. I […]

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Art as the In Between

I am an English major who loathes reading. There, I said it. I’m wired in some odd way. The whole experience to me is like pulling teeth, plodding through words, pages, chapters, etc. Themes, symbols, tone, syntax, metaphor… and all of this in an effort to reach an end that ultimately, probably, and unfortunately, will […]

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Up for Interpretation

Intellectual property sounds like a dirty phrase in the literature industry. It reeks of corporate work-shopping, of finding the least-offensive, most roundabout way of saying something that only barely carries meaning. It’s an important phrase to remember, though, especially in a world where companies aren’t simply looking for good books to be published; rather they’re […]

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Publishing, certified organic.

With all the buzz about print slipping into murkier and murkier waters with the onset of Google Books and the decline of newspapers and magazines, I am left wondering what’s going to happen to the underground publishing world. More specifically, I’m talking about zines. I discovered zines as a teenager, and have been hooked ever […]

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