Thoughts on Google Books

With the release of Amazon’s Kindle, as well as other prototypes that followed, scholars and readers alike have begun to question the future of the book. Will the book eventually become extinct? Can it survive in the move to modern technology? Google’s recent move to digitalize books online has only pushed these questions further. How […]

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A Connection to What We Write

Before computers there were typewriters. Before typewriters there were pens. And before pens, well, people drew. Does the medium in which one works change the end result? Does writing with a pen connect you more than typing on a computer? Is the ‘clack, clack, clack’ you get from writing on a typewriter more meaningful then […]

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The Market Has Spoken

William Zinsser wrote “sell yourself and your subject will exert its own appeal.” The popularity of books fluctuates as in any other market, subject to fads, publicity, and hype. Zinsser is right; people buy books based upon appeal. I’d like to think I’m a sophisticated buyer. However, I know I’m subject to the market mentality […]

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My Confession

I have never been someone who reads classic novels. I’ve always pretended. My ever-pretentious grandma would tell my ever-naive great-grandma about how “literary” I am, how “well-read” and “cultured,” while I sat between the two of them, nodding, thinking, If only you knew. It became an awful cycle: my great-grandma writes a monthly newsletter, which […]

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Imagine with me, if you will, a classroom roughly eight decades from now: children sitting at their desks, their laptops in front of them, fingers typing quickly away at the keys taking notes. Instead of turning to a selected page in their textbooks, they point and click, summoning an online text. There are no writing […]

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Red Inc. Going Live (Again) in 4 Days

So we’ve been gone for a little while, but for those of you keeping track this is still the literary voice of Susquehanna University on the web. In the next fifteen weeks you’ll hear new voices—analytical, opinionated, affectionate, irritated—all students in the Department of English and Creative Writing and all with something to say about […]

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