wow. and you thought I thought workshops were bad ideas!

This article comes from the poets & writers website, I actually found it through Silliman’s blog ( A quick plug for Silliman. Though Silliman doesn’t really fit into the class in terms of reviewing, his blog does offer some interesting questions on a realtively daily basis. He also has a lot of sections where he just lists books he’s received, both contemporary and non-contemporary works. I try and check out Silliman’s blog just about everyday at least once. It’s definitely a good outlet that collects information not gathered on the websites Dr. Roth gave us to use for class.

Anyway, what I really made this post for is to just show that there are people out there that believe workshops aren’t a good idea. And certainly, our class workshop is probably the most beneficial and less stressful workshop I’ve ever had. I can’t same the same for other classes though, not any fault on any of the professors I’ve had. The workshop is flawed. Dan Barden lays out a case for why that is. Do you agree?

Oh and please no jabs at the fact that I’m negative and Barden is negative. It’s just a coincidence, I swear. :-)


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