This Space for Rent

Even though the eager tween/teen audience of Cathy’s Book were just seeking what is, I’m sure, a moving and well-written piece of literature, they got a little extra bang for their buck. The authors, Sean Stewart and Jordan Weisman, included product placement for CoverGirl cosmetics, so girls can read about the protagonist with her “killer […]

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The Chapbook Aesthetic

    In preparation for making my own chapbook-length collection of poems, I have been reading chapbooks online and in print. Chapbooks are a rather provocative receptacle for poetry: they have a more DIY (read: indie) look to them and are often innovative in design: some fold out, some are tucked into neat little envelopes, […]

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Is the MFA a crock of poo?

In response to several publications slandering the MFA and the “intellectual ghetto” it supposedly creates: What poor, bedraggled, gin-loving, stubble-sporting writer would not balk at the professionalization of their precious creative endeavor? You may read here, here, and here that MFAs are a big waste of time and money because teaching creative writing is “impossible,” […]

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The literary cookbook?

Those cookbooks that promise you can make meals in fewer than 30 minutes sure look nice, but they won’t teach anyone anything about cooking, and even less about writing. In a time when Americans are rarely cooking and reading even less, is there a way that someone can curl up on the couch with a […]

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